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Vacation Blessings pt. 1

Dear Ones –

We returned from our trip home 4 days ago.  Since then I have done pretty much nothing.  Okay, I take that back.  I did 3 loads of laundry (but still have mine to do) and eaten and laid around.  I had great plans to be all unpacked and everything cleaned up, but I did not realize how drained I actually was.

This trip was unlike any other I have ever had home.  The biggest thing that happened was that I got to see my cousin Beth one last time before she went to live with Jesus and be totally well.  It was such a wonderful blessing.  I got to experience her humor and love.  I got to hold her hand and feel her squeeze me back.  Before we left for home Jesus came to get her and I was blessed to spend a day with many of my extended family just feeling her lasting love together.

Amazing how losing someone on this earth really makes you think on the blessings of those you love and have still.  It makes you recognize where you may have taken some for granted and reignites the desire for renewed relationship.  I am thinking in new and fresh ways about things that don’t matter anymore and how to really treasure the things/people that do.

So, Vacation Blessing Number One was to recognize value.  I would like to encourage you to make a list (written, mental, whatever works for you) with three things you have put value on that don’t have real value and three things/people that you have not had enough value for.  Then add three things you are going to do to change.  Maybe it is call up a friend and tell them how special they are.  Maybe it is squeeze your kids a little tighter a couple of extra times today.  Maybe it’s send your mom or dad a card and relate one special childhood memory that you hold onto.  Maybe it’s talk to that cousin you haven’t talked to in six months.  I have no idea what you might want to do.  Just try something.  Find value in your life and hold onto it.  We never know how long we have to revel in true treasure.  People and things can be gone in an instant.  My prayer for you today is that you have the opportunity to hold close all that you can and have no regrets when it or they are gone.

Check in later this week for Vacation Blessing Number Two.

Miraculously Blessed –



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2 thoughts on “Vacation Blessings pt. 1

  1. This got me a little choked up , Jessica. Have a sweet friend who lost her mother this past week. Life is so unpredictable. Thank you for this wise advice. Hugs to you today.

    • Thank you for the hugs Laura. Losing someone is so difficult. I don’t think you ever quite get over the loss, but the love of friends and family always makes things a little more comforting.

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