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Vacation Blessings pt. 3

Dear Ones –

Getting settled back into our routine although for me fall is like spring and I always want to start something new.  More to come on all the new things in our life soon.  My delightful children seem to be growing by leaps and bounds.  I think the boys grew up while on vacation and I am beginning to wonder what happened to my little boys.

Today’s vacation blessing is to revel in the blend of the excitement of surprise and the comfort of the familiar.  As you know we kept the news of baby #3 a secret from all of our home family and friends.  With delight (and the frustration of keeping a secret) we counted the days to our arrival.  The drive took much longer than planned and it was very late as we neared Hub’s parents house.  We pulled off in a parking lot and changed the boys shirts into the special “Big Brother” shirts we had picked up for this very moment.  And then we were there.  In we came and the grandparents pretty much only had eyes for their beautiful grandsons…  I crashed onto the couch and stretched out.  The boys started to laugh and play delighted to be a Grup & Gyg’s house.  But the shirts did not seem to be conveying their message.  So, after a half hour I signaled my beloved to say something.  “What do you think of the boy’s shirts Mom?” he asked.  And with that the news and laughter and delight poured out.  We excitedly shared all news including sharing with them the other secret we held…that this baby was another precious boy.  Fortunately Grandpa and Grandma reacted as we thought they would and not as others feared they might.  In fact the words “Yay, less time to wait.”  were definitely heard.

And after that we got to have fun sharing the news with all the rest of our family and friends.  It felt so good to tell people.  I told that man of mine that we will never hold a secret like this one so long again.  And at one of the family gatherings we were delighted to discover that not only are two of my other cousins pregnant, but we got the surprise of another cousin who is.  So there will be 4 additional babies joining our happy clan in the next few months.  It’s so delightful.  Babies are such a strong reminder of the life miracle our Heavenly Father gives to us.

Much of our trip was go, go, go, go and that kind of go-ing can really do a body in…especially a pregnant body.  So on our final morning when the littlest man awoke all bright and shiny I spirited him out of the house for a long walk on Mama’s home turf to let Daddy have a good sleep in.  We delighted in the quiet morning air listening to the birds chirp and breathing in the fresh air.  As we walked we noticed how many people in our home town had fire pits in their back yards.  Which in my mind brings up images of being outside hanging out together or sitting quietly by the fire absorbing the peace of being electronics free or just opening yourself up to dream and hear the Voice that speaks loudest in the stillness.  Along the sidewalks I noticed how grass and other small plants grow most comfortably in many of the cracks.  What some might see as a nuisance I saw as beauty.  It added to the peaceful nature of the morning.  Here and there a dog barked and we even ran into another walker who joined us for a block or two and let us in on her story.

I hope these few glimpses into our vacation reveal to you the picture I am trying to paint, but just in case…  Life is too short to be stuck in stagnant.  Take advantage of each moment you have.  Revel in creating a surprise or allow yourself to be delighted when you receive one.  Take time to look at the simple things around you differently.  Allow the beauty of green growing through the cracks of life to reveal to you the miracle that you aren’t alone.  God is moving heaven and earth to speak to you today.  Sometimes He speaks by surprising you with His passionate love and sometimes He speaks in the quiet, comfortable moment that He made just for you.  The blessing I found in this vacation was that I was able to see Him in it ALL.  He was with me for every moment and that made each moment MORE.

I challenge you to be open today and everyday to the MORE of life.  The truth that is hidden in the MORE is the truth that will allow you to be all that you are.  Take your eyes off of the mundane and open them to really see.  There is more waiting to be discovered there than you can ever imagine.  May you be surprised in the comfortableness of the familiar.

Miraculously Blessed –



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One thought on “Vacation Blessings pt. 3

  1. Thanks for the challenge. What a wonderful story. Nothing makes children feel more valuable then you are willing to have anouther one. God Bless.

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