Minding My Miracles

~ and finding new mercies every morning

A different P.O.V.

Dear Ones –

Sometimes it feels like when I write there has to be a message behind my words.  There needs to be a clever story or something heart catching.  It can be overwhelming to be the writer.  And I know too that as a reader of many blogs that it can be overwhelming to be the reader too.  I hate feeling like I am getting preached at.  I don’t want you to tell me how I should think or feel about something.

However, if you open a door to a different way of thinking and invite me to step through…well, that is a different story.  If your story is real and it makes me feel something I never felt before or understand a side to things I’ve never seen before then what I have read is valuable to me.

And so for today’s post I just felt like I wanted to pose some questions to you my reader.  Perhaps you will answer my questions in the comments…I would love that.  Perhaps they will make you think and talk to those around you.  All I ask is that when you read these questions that you go beyond a quick answer.  I ask that you try to see things from another side and wonder what that side might answer.  Please open yourself to a journey outside of your P.O.V.

Do you believe that you, personally are free?  Do you know someone in your life who thinks they are free, but you disagree?  What makes a person truly free?  What is freedom?

Miraculously blessed,



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2 thoughts on “A different P.O.V.

  1. Wow, Jess. You are really asking some tough questions. Well, I’ll answer a couple. No I am not free, I would love to be and I look at people who have no hang ups and wish I could be like them. Although I DO think I am free-er than I once was, which means I guess I am on a journey to freedom. Maybe the people who I think are free, really aren’t..who knows?!

    At least, I am not searching for my freedom and I know where true freedom comes from and I know if I continue to lay my life down at the feet of Jesus, He can help me on this journey.

    Thanks for your questions of thought. xx

  2. Hi, there, Jessica! Thank you for your sweet comments recently over at the Wellspring. You really made my day. I have to agree with Tahnee–these are deep questions you ask here! I have to say that I know that I am free because I know that Christ has set me free. However, there are times when I do not live in that freedom. I let the things of this world fetter me. This is why I need Jesus so much and why I am so grateful that his mercies are new every morning.

    Whew! Thank you for making me think about this. I need to carry this knowledge closer to my heart.

    Love to you.

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