Minding My Miracles

~ and finding new mercies every morning

A time for growing???

Dear Ones –

Just as my beautiful garden was beginning to come into its own and look lush and green we had a major hailstorm in my yard.  I say “in my yard” because it wasn’t a huge area, but it really hit the complex I live in.  We had a flood in the front and my garden was stripped bare.  I was a bit devastated.  Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but seeing the beauty of the green being replaced by shreds was hard.  Especially because in the heat and nausea of pregnancy preparing and planting the ground was not that fun.  I was looking forward to the good part…the harvest.

Life is often like that isn’t it?  We (sometimes grudgingly) put the work into something in order to receive the harvest.  Sometimes the prep work isn’t grudge work.  Sometimes we enjoy it.  But it is work.  And prep work usually takes focus, time, commitment and discipline.  Isn’t it cool that God is willing to do the prep work on us?  He focuses on us with His love.  He takes His time to make the details come together correctly.  He has committed Himself fully to seeing us free (even to the point of death).  And He doesn’t get distracted by the little things but sets an example of how to be disciplined in order to get to the truth.  And all He wants is for us to live in the harvest of life.  Now that’s an Amazing Gardener.

The other amazing thing about God’s gardening is that it starts fresh in every season of our lives.  He plants in us at the right time for us to develop the harvest we need to see.  And when the storms of life come against us and tear down our green little shoots of life, He just begins in us again.

My prayer for you today is that you take a moment to look around wherever you’re at in this moment and see that He is doing fresh gardening in you all the time.  Remember that He is the one doing the prep work and He knows what He’s doing.  You will see a harvest.

And finally, in case you are a physical gardener and had something bad happen to your garden this season, you still have a chance to plant again.  Garlic, one of my favorite foods which tastes good and is soooo good for you…loves to be planted in the fall.  I’d love to have you join me in my fall gardening.  Looking forward to a spring harvest. See this link ( Growing Fall Garlic ).

Miraculously Blessed,



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