Minding My Miracles

~ and finding new mercies every morning

November Dawn

Dear Ones –

It has been so long since I’ve posted.  I wanted to get all settled into our new home before I tried to get back into the swing of things, but that seems to be taking much, much longer than I planned so I thought I could put a few of the scattered thoughts running through my head onto the page and share them with you.  Nice of me, huh?

So, here’s a quick recap of where things in my life are standing right now.  As of today, my due date is 36 days away.  Firstborn was born on his due date and number two came a week late.  This one seems to be working hard at getting out so I would not be surprised if he popped out early.  Early is okay with me as long as he’s not too early.  Of course, if he decides November is his month and doesn’t come Thanksgiving Day he will miss being a holiday baby.  And even though every day seems to be a national something or other day December 6th (his due date) is Saint Nicholas Day (not one I’ve ever celebrated, but I’d take it for a holiday baby).

We’ve moved into our new house partially.  We’re living here, but we still have a bunch of stuff at the old place.  Right now the closing date is November 23rd so we have a little bit of time to get some things straightened out.  It is hard being eight months pregnant and trying to move.  Not highly recommended.  My poor husband has to work so hard cause there are things I just can’t do.  I am eagerly awaiting just having to do things in one house though.

The boys are getting so big.  They love the new place.  Last night they went on an adventure walk date with their dad and I got to hear all kinds of stories about waterfalls and sticks and jungles…totally a father/son adventure.  I am looking forward to when the new place is no longer “under construction” and we can really live here.

Just a few short months ago I was a bit concerned about Mr. F’s vocabulary, but it has taken off.  Somehow though his favorite words seem to be “NO – I DO IT.”  (Yes, that is all in caps because he yells it every time.)  He is definitely a strong-willed child and I need to pray everyday that God channels his strength into a productive outlet for HIS glory…because this mom is exhausted just trying to figure out which battles are worth fighting.

I think so many days that Liam is just bubbling over with energy.  He is my energizer bunny.  It seems like the more tired he gets, the more active he gets.  It’s too funny (and hair-raising at the same time).  Some days I have to admit I am a little afraid of having three boys under one roof.  Not mention the dream I had a while back.  I dreamed that it was shortly after having this current babe and I was talking to God and telling Him that it was okay with me if He wanted to give me another boy.  Suddenly I found that I was pregnant with another boy again…very soon after giving birth.  Needless to say that since I woke up from that one I have been considering not talking to God for a while after this boy is born…just to be on the safe side.

Well, time to head off for another project.  If you, like me, woke to a dreary November 1st I just want to encourage you that you can choose to rejoice in the Lord because it is indeed the day He has made and we can not only rejoice, but we can be glad in it.  We can look for His hand and find that we are sheltered in His love, protection and delight.  You are His treasure.

Look for my next blog post coming.  It’s a guest post from my mother-in-law that I know you are going to love.

Miraculously Blessed,



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