Minding My Miracles

~ and finding new mercies every morning

This little handprint


Dear Ones –
Most moments these days minutes run into eachother before I’ve had a chance to realize the sun is already setting.  My darling kids run from one end of the house to the other and only stop when they fall into their beds.  Okay, let’s face it…many a night they don’t even fall into their beds, but rather run in and out of their rooms for a good, long time.
Sometimes I get so stressed with all I have to do and it seems like the piles of laundry never stop.  And sometimes the dishes never stop piling up and exhaustion pushes me oh so close to my breaking point.  And then sometimes in the midst of the dirt and clutter I see the beautiful marks my kids are leaving on my heart in real life.  Sometimes when I look in my mirror I see more than the exhausted mom who needs a date and a good night’s sleep.  Sometimes I see little hand-prints and instead of wiping my mirror clean I take that little moment to be thankful for my mess makers.  Sometimes like in this moment I take a snap shot and remember that these little hands will only leave their marks if I let them.  Sometimes I just need to hold my boys closer and thank God that I have this one more day with them.  The messes…they’ll be here forever.  These little boys…they grow so fast and this moment will only last if I make the memories.  For today, I choose to be thankful and leave the hand-print.
Miraculously Blessed,


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