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YOU…doing that thing you do

Dear Ones –

This blog post really isn’t for you, but I am sharing it with you because I want to shout it to the world how wonderful the man I am married to is.  So enjoy my cyber letter to him.

Good Morning Love –

As I write this you are still enjoying a few moments of restful sleep.  Not that I’m sure it’s totally restful as pressed up to your side and using your arm as a pillow is our long lean one, the very first one we opened our heart to.  You don’t seem to mind him there, in fact, I think you enjoy it.  I love that about you.  I love the way you make room for them even when you’ve had a long rough day and you’re worn out.  You always make room for us (the boys and me).  You push yourself and keep going to be there for us, even when you really want to drop.  I love the way your heart is so big that I never have to worry if you’ll have enough love for us or those that will come.  I love your room-y heart.

Here I am, up over an hour before I need to be and I am on the computer.  Granted, I am writing this letter to you, but I could just as easily be on Facebook or Pinterest…it happens you know.  I think about the many messes I could be cleaning in this time hands free from kids.  I could so easily feel guilty over those messes.  But you never make me feel that way.  You are always so understanding that sometimes I just need to take a personal break.  You actually see what’s it’s like for me to just take a few mindless and workless minutes for myself.  In fact, you sometimes push me into them.  Like the way you lock the bathroom door for me so I can take an uninterrupted shower.  Or the way you hold the baby at night so I can just lay in bed and have my arms free.  I love the way your understanding translates into care.

Just thinking about how hard you’ve been working to get this year’s taxes done.  I know it’s a lot of work to make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed.  You do that with everything.  You are a real perfectionist when it comes to making sure our finances and legal matters are in order.  I never have to worry about things of that nature not being done.  And you are so skilled at keeping things balanced.  You always make it work.  Things might be tight and keeping it all together might not always be the easiest thing, but you make it look easy.  I love that without complaint, you carry that burden for our family.

And there’s the yucky chores.  You so often volunteer to take on the worst jobs around the house and perform them cheerfully.  Like cleaning up the dog droppings.  You have cheerfully taken that job on and I love living in a place where the kids and I can go outside and I don’t have to worry about one of them picking up a pile.  You always seem to know when there is a “yucky” job that I really don’t want to do and you just do it.  I love that you give me a break from the gross-ness and we both know that with boys there tends to be an extra portion of gross-ness that just seems to be multiplying the older they get.

Today on the morning news they had a stupid report on who is the better parent – mom or dad?  It was really about who did specific jobs better.  My question is, what job makes a better parent?  I don’t think there is.  I think the parenting job is best done when you have a team.  I know there are families that don’t have the team option and I feel so blessed because I am not alone.  You always work with me so we can be a team.  Sometimes, it’s getting up in the middle of the night.  Sometimes, it’s holding the baby so I can do the dishes.  Sometimes, it’s running to the grocery store or the fast food joint or Tar-je…whatever, it’s the willingness to pitch in and help us get to bedtime and beyond.  I love that you are my partner in everything.

Okay, so maybe always doesn’t always hold true, but you are the best.  And the truth is that I don’t think there are words to describe those things you do, those simply amazing things.  Every moment of every day I become more grateful to God that I can have all those special gifts in my life.  Being with you is my favorite thing.  When you do all those things you do, my heart melts and I am overwhelmed.  I still get excited at the sight of you.  You are my amazing treasure.  I love you darling.  And I love all those things you always do!  EeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe

I am truly miraculously blessed!




November Dawn

Dear Ones –

It has been so long since I’ve posted.  I wanted to get all settled into our new home before I tried to get back into the swing of things, but that seems to be taking much, much longer than I planned so I thought I could put a few of the scattered thoughts running through my head onto the page and share them with you.  Nice of me, huh?

So, here’s a quick recap of where things in my life are standing right now.  As of today, my due date is 36 days away.  Firstborn was born on his due date and number two came a week late.  This one seems to be working hard at getting out so I would not be surprised if he popped out early.  Early is okay with me as long as he’s not too early.  Of course, if he decides November is his month and doesn’t come Thanksgiving Day he will miss being a holiday baby.  And even though every day seems to be a national something or other day December 6th (his due date) is Saint Nicholas Day (not one I’ve ever celebrated, but I’d take it for a holiday baby).

We’ve moved into our new house partially.  We’re living here, but we still have a bunch of stuff at the old place.  Right now the closing date is November 23rd so we have a little bit of time to get some things straightened out.  It is hard being eight months pregnant and trying to move.  Not highly recommended.  My poor husband has to work so hard cause there are things I just can’t do.  I am eagerly awaiting just having to do things in one house though.

The boys are getting so big.  They love the new place.  Last night they went on an adventure walk date with their dad and I got to hear all kinds of stories about waterfalls and sticks and jungles…totally a father/son adventure.  I am looking forward to when the new place is no longer “under construction” and we can really live here.

Just a few short months ago I was a bit concerned about Mr. F’s vocabulary, but it has taken off.  Somehow though his favorite words seem to be “NO – I DO IT.”  (Yes, that is all in caps because he yells it every time.)  He is definitely a strong-willed child and I need to pray everyday that God channels his strength into a productive outlet for HIS glory…because this mom is exhausted just trying to figure out which battles are worth fighting.

I think so many days that Liam is just bubbling over with energy.  He is my energizer bunny.  It seems like the more tired he gets, the more active he gets.  It’s too funny (and hair-raising at the same time).  Some days I have to admit I am a little afraid of having three boys under one roof.  Not mention the dream I had a while back.  I dreamed that it was shortly after having this current babe and I was talking to God and telling Him that it was okay with me if He wanted to give me another boy.  Suddenly I found that I was pregnant with another boy again…very soon after giving birth.  Needless to say that since I woke up from that one I have been considering not talking to God for a while after this boy is born…just to be on the safe side.

Well, time to head off for another project.  If you, like me, woke to a dreary November 1st I just want to encourage you that you can choose to rejoice in the Lord because it is indeed the day He has made and we can not only rejoice, but we can be glad in it.  We can look for His hand and find that we are sheltered in His love, protection and delight.  You are His treasure.

Look for my next blog post coming.  It’s a guest post from my mother-in-law that I know you are going to love.

Miraculously Blessed,


It’s been a while…

Dear Ones –

Perhaps you’ve noticed, perhaps you haven’t, but I have not blogged in quite some time.  Since my last post I have lived through a cold, flew past my 32nd birthday and packed up a bunch of stuff to be moved into our new house.  Then of course there’s the fact that my youngest has been moved into a big boy bed.  Not to mention I’ve been canning peaches and nectarines as well as building up my kombucha supply.  Seems like the last almost two weeks have disappeared on me.

I hope you have been doing well.  Did anyone read George Washington’s farewell address?  If you haven’t yet, I would like to encourage you again to give it a try. (my last post)

I was trying to find a way to sum up how I have been doing and couldn’t really find the right words…but I did remember a cartoon I keep on my fridge as a reminder to my husband that when things get a little scary around here there is always a solution…

It may be a bit before you see me again.  Keep me in your prayers as I have a household to move.  Pray for my kiddos that peace remains in them.  Thank-you!

Miraculously Blessed –


A time for growing???

Dear Ones –

Just as my beautiful garden was beginning to come into its own and look lush and green we had a major hailstorm in my yard.  I say “in my yard” because it wasn’t a huge area, but it really hit the complex I live in.  We had a flood in the front and my garden was stripped bare.  I was a bit devastated.  Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but seeing the beauty of the green being replaced by shreds was hard.  Especially because in the heat and nausea of pregnancy preparing and planting the ground was not that fun.  I was looking forward to the good part…the harvest.

Life is often like that isn’t it?  We (sometimes grudgingly) put the work into something in order to receive the harvest.  Sometimes the prep work isn’t grudge work.  Sometimes we enjoy it.  But it is work.  And prep work usually takes focus, time, commitment and discipline.  Isn’t it cool that God is willing to do the prep work on us?  He focuses on us with His love.  He takes His time to make the details come together correctly.  He has committed Himself fully to seeing us free (even to the point of death).  And He doesn’t get distracted by the little things but sets an example of how to be disciplined in order to get to the truth.  And all He wants is for us to live in the harvest of life.  Now that’s an Amazing Gardener.

The other amazing thing about God’s gardening is that it starts fresh in every season of our lives.  He plants in us at the right time for us to develop the harvest we need to see.  And when the storms of life come against us and tear down our green little shoots of life, He just begins in us again.

My prayer for you today is that you take a moment to look around wherever you’re at in this moment and see that He is doing fresh gardening in you all the time.  Remember that He is the one doing the prep work and He knows what He’s doing.  You will see a harvest.

And finally, in case you are a physical gardener and had something bad happen to your garden this season, you still have a chance to plant again.  Garlic, one of my favorite foods which tastes good and is soooo good for you…loves to be planted in the fall.  I’d love to have you join me in my fall gardening.  Looking forward to a spring harvest. See this link ( Growing Fall Garlic ).

Miraculously Blessed,


A different P.O.V.

Dear Ones –

Sometimes it feels like when I write there has to be a message behind my words.  There needs to be a clever story or something heart catching.  It can be overwhelming to be the writer.  And I know too that as a reader of many blogs that it can be overwhelming to be the reader too.  I hate feeling like I am getting preached at.  I don’t want you to tell me how I should think or feel about something.

However, if you open a door to a different way of thinking and invite me to step through…well, that is a different story.  If your story is real and it makes me feel something I never felt before or understand a side to things I’ve never seen before then what I have read is valuable to me.

And so for today’s post I just felt like I wanted to pose some questions to you my reader.  Perhaps you will answer my questions in the comments…I would love that.  Perhaps they will make you think and talk to those around you.  All I ask is that when you read these questions that you go beyond a quick answer.  I ask that you try to see things from another side and wonder what that side might answer.  Please open yourself to a journey outside of your P.O.V.

Do you believe that you, personally are free?  Do you know someone in your life who thinks they are free, but you disagree?  What makes a person truly free?  What is freedom?

Miraculously blessed,


Date Night


Dear Ones –
It’s Monday again.  How do you look at your Monday’s? Is it your mundane day.  The day you go back to work.  The day that comes after a weekend filled with fun or accomplishing a ton.  And now you are back to the same old, same old.  This is not the day one usually looks forward to.
But I want to ask you to try something else.  Try making Mondays something exciting.  Perhaps it’s the day you make a special dinner.  Or perhaps it’s the day you take one of your kids out for a special kid and parent fun night at the video arcade.  Maybe just maybe you get a babysitter and make some Monday your date night.  Sure it isn’t the usual late night extravaganza that you’re accustomed to, but there is a lot to be said for an early date night.  Maybe a matinée movie or a dinner that isn’t fast food surrounded by a ton of people all rushing, rushing, rushing.  Perhaps you picnic in the park.  Perhaps you just go on a drive together.
Mondays can be exciting.  You can look forward to them.  Just like I have been tonight.  Cause you know it’s time to go on a date with your hubbub when your kids are begging you to ‘please go on a date Mommy & Daddy’.  So I’ll leave you with that as I join the love of my life on our early date Monday night.
Miraculously Blessed,

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