Minding My Miracles

~ and finding new mercies every morning

My Story

Welcome to my word world!

My story is pretty simple.  I grew up a pastor’s kid in the middle of Wisconsin.  In 1998 my family moved to Colorado.  Shortly after, the love of my life followed me and a year later we were married.  We waited a while to have kiddos (wishing we’d started sooner cause we love it sooo much!). And now this blog is just a way to write about our extraordinary adventures.

I’ve been blogging for a while and discovering how I want to write and what I want to write about.  I have started and stopped A LOT.  And now, I think I am getting into my own.  Blogging is not about followers for me.  It’s about sharing my story.  It’s about opening myself up and being a bit vulnerable.  It’s a about finding a place to journal.  I hope it’s about making some new friends.  I love learning other’s stories and I hope you will find this is an open place where you can share your’s with me.

Some people get more set in their ways as they get older.  I would like to say that the older I get, the more free and less judge-mental I get.  Not always true, but it’s my goal.  Naturally I am a very black and white person.  I married someone who is full of shades of grace. Every moment I am learning to be more that way.  Especially now that I have kids.  I know that my mind is expanding to new ways of thinking.  I think differently about living, friends, parenting,eating,  how things work with God and overall what love really means than I did even just two years ago.  Hopefully this blog is a place where my courage comes out and I share what I am really thinking and feeling.  I am not looking to judge or be judged…just to discover.

Here are the basics.  My name is Jessica.  I am in my early thirties and I am married to a wonderful man, Jordan who delights me more everyday.  This year, 2011, we have been married ten years.  We have two beautiful little boys…Liam (Yummy) and Finn (Squeaky) and another little one on the way (due December 2011).  I am more than blessed to be able to stay home with these guys and build our home.    I get to experience all the firsts and I get to learn how to live out being a blessing to my spouse.

My family has a few goals and here they are…
Learn how to live more naturally
Get rid of processed junk
Declutter our lives and live simply
Become preppers, but don’t go overboard
Get completely out of debt and live debt free from there
Purchase our own land and create a self-sustaining farm
Live the lifestyle of givers
Teach our children how to lives that are full of purpose, honor
and liberty

This is my adventure and I am always looking for other adventurers to join in.  The more discoveries we make, the more excitement we can have.



3 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Well.. ‘Into my Own’ made me smile sadly. Have memories with the words
    Anyways cheers and Good luck adventurer =)

  2. Hi Jessica,

    This is cool! New blog? What happened to your other one? Well, I like this one too! Thanks for your encouraging feedback on my post and hope you all are doing okay after losing such a dear cousin. Her story you shared on facebook sounds like she was an amazing person.

    • Thanks Tara. I have just changed a lot since I started that blog and have some different purposes. I needed to have a fresh start as I have a fresh outlook. Old one is still out there, but here is where I’m investing. ~Jessica

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